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Brand // E-FoodStorage.com

The food storage market has suffered due to inefficient and wasteful practices. Boring and irksome data entry and tedious counting of inventory have kept the practice of food storage from becoming wide spread. ODSI was able to fulfill the need for an efficient simple, database program for food storage management that presented an easy scan-in and scan-out method of inventory management based on barcode scanning technology. E-FoodStorage is the only program that uses barcode technology to alleviate the pains and frustration of manually entering SKU numbers or product names by hand. ODSI has captured over 240,000 SKU numbers for the client's convenience. E-FoodStorage helps track and monitor food storage inventory. It also assists in setting food storage goals and creating consumption analysis, and inventory reports. One of the keys to the convenience of E-FoodStorage is being able to run the daily functions of the program from a smart phone application. It is fast, quick and portable, making the process of daily food storage management more feasible and consistent.

Client // US Bankcorp

US Bank Community Development Corporation, with assets exceeding $6 billion, actively invests in 940 properties and loans throughout the country that consist of affordable housing development, new market projects, and historical renovations. Known as the experts in the Tax Credit arena and as one of the largest New Markets Tax Credit investors in the nation, USB CDC helps fortify cities’ urban core and revitalize their local economies. US Bank Community Development Corporation is a subsidiary of US Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States and of US Bancorp, which holds assets of over $281 billion. US Bank hired On Demand Software to stabilize their system and improve its performance to allow for division expansion and seamless scaling beyond 15 to 20 users without affecting performance.

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Client // Cascade Centers Inc.

A privately owned external EAP provider, Cascade Centers provides services for local, regional, and national companies and organizations; maintaining a nationwide network of over 6000 service providers. A member of the exclusive EAP Collaborative, and the only member in the Northwest, Cascade Centers works to be on the cutting edge of EAP technology. They strive to provide excellent, personalized service to their clientele—both companies and individual employees alike. They asked On Demand Software to update their core operations application that manages their day to day operations.

Solutions Provided:

  • Application Conversion (Microsoft Access -> Web Application)
  • Provider Advantage Solution

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Solution // Provider Advantage +

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Client // Chev's of The 40's

A Premier supplier of 1937 – 1954 Chevrolet car and truck parts, Chev’s of the 40’s assists hundreds of customers purchase the specialized auto parts they need for their classic car rebuilds every day. To better meet their clients’ customized parts needs efficiently and rapidly, they asked On Demand Software, Inc. to integrate their new Altigen phone system with their Current customer database system.

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Product // EstateManager System

Created in 1995 as a Microsoft Access Application to help insurance agents track their clients, Estate Manager helps financial planners stay abreast of where their clients are in their financial planning process. Over the years it has turned into a web-based enterprise system, hosted on our own cloud computing system, that now helps agents determine who their best clients are, thereby supplying the agent with the technological capabilities and control to recognize the best opportunities.

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